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Understanding the needs, wants and desires of the target audience is critical for planning a web site that becomes an integral part of your sales effort.

The first step in any successful communications effort is to take an inventory of marketing requirements. At Command Design, we survey and analyze the business situation and the market before we even begin to develop a project cost estimate. We compare our customer's business to the competition and to similar businesses in related fields. We evaluate the customer's products and/or services and search for unique ways to communicate with their customers. Armed with this information, we develop sound strategies for presenting our customer's message.

Every customer and each situation is different. We offer no "stock solutions" or "one-size-fits-all" answers. Strictly speaking, we are not in the business of selling web sites, but rather we apply new technologies, such as the Internet, internal Intranets and other electronic media, to solve age-old sales and marketing challenges.

Everywhere you look today, someone is talking about the new "global" economy. At Command Design, we believe business is where you find it, and nowhere is this more true than the world wide web. So prevalent is this new media that the phrase "www dot something" has become a part of our language. Network marketing, communications and commerce is here and now, and it's only going to get bigger and more powerful.

The importance of a solid marketing plan for electronic communications is critical to the long term success of every business. It should involve the business owners, managers, employees, customers, and potential customers. And for best results, it should involve a professional communications company like Command Design & Graphics.

Helpful Tips

Planning your web site can be intimidating unless you break it down into its basic component parts. Whether you decide to hire a web site specialist, such as Command Design & Graphics, or you plan to "go it alone," here are some tips to help you gather information and organize your thoughts.

Step 1 -- Collect Printed Materials
Look around your office and collect in a file folder a sample of every piece of marketing material about your company that you can find. Start with basic things like your business card, fax cover sheet, letterhead, invoice and yellow pages advertisement. Add things like sales flyers, company brochures and product catalogs, press releases and articles published about your company.

Step 2 -- Interview Employees, Customers
Ask for input from people that are familiar with your business and the web. Tell them you are considering a web site, and ask what they would include to help service your current customers and encourage prospective new customers. Give them some time to think about this, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the "gems" they provide.

Step 3 -- Evaluate Your Competition
One of the quickest ways to determine your web site needs is to research what your competitors are doing. Also look at what your suppliers and customers have published on their web sites, and how these sites complement their total marketing effort. Evaluate how each is implementing and benefiting from a web site, and how each site is similar and different from the others.

Step 4 -- Compile An Outline
Now take the information you gathered and commit it to paper in the form of an outline. Visualize how the various parts go together. Pull out a copy of your current marketing plan and note ideas how you can integrate your web site into your other marketing vehicles.

Step 5 -- Make A Decision
With all this information in hand, you are now ready to decide how important it is that you implement a web site. Note how your prospects and customers can benefit from information found on your site, and how your business will benefit from this traffic. From this information, you can determine how extensive the site needs to be to convey the proper image for your company, and how you will go about gathering the resources you need to develop and implement the site.

Now that you have a basic handle on the Marketing Services we offer, and a few ideas to get you started, please visit our Writing Services page for more helpful information. Or maybe you would like to view information about our Creative Services, Digitizing Services, or Promotion Services.

Thank you for visiting our web site.




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